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6-12 Volt LED Flasher Relay now in stock!

Direct replacement flasher relay for the Yamaha YSR50

6 Volt to 12 Volt LED Flasher Relay

LED 6 Volt Flasher Relay
Have you always wanted LED turn signals on your hot-rod or motorcycle with your existing 6 Volt system? Now we have the solution!

Check out our plug-n-go flasher relay for 6-12 volt systems.

If you ever decide to change your system over to 12 Volts, no need to buy a new relay, this unit will work with 12 Volt systems too!

This is a 2-prong connection.

6-12 Volt LED Flasher Relay


($4.50 Shipping per order) 


Standard 6 Volt Flasher Relay

Our 6V Flasher is not re-manufactured and comes individually packaged.
As you can see in the photo, the back has the fastening clip just like the original mount.

This is a direct replacement for the Yamaha YSR50.

Why pay up to $50 or more for the same part when you can have a perfect replacement for less than half the price?

6 Volt Flasher Relay


($4.50 Shipping per order) 

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